Two parts of Russian nuclear triad armed with nuclear weapon systems

Two components of the Russian nuclear triad - the Strategic Missile Troops and ballistic missile submarines - are performing their combat mission armed with nuclear weapon systems, head of the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry Col. Yury Sych said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper on Tuesday.

"The 12th Main Directorate is in charge of providing the entire triad with nuclear weapons in accordance with the plans approved by the Russian Defense Ministry," Sych said

"Currently, the nuclear triad forces are being actively equipped with modern weapon systems. The Strategic Missile Troops are receiving new Yars mobile missile systems. Eight Project 955 Borey class submarines armed with Bulava missiles are due to enter service in the Navy before the end of 2020," the head of the 12th Main Directorate said.

"The Long-Range Aviation has fully retained its fleet of Tupolev Tu-160 and Tu-95MS strategic bombers, and their modernization is under way. The 12th Main Directorate is successfully performing the task of providing these modern systems with nuclear ammunition," the defense official said.

"Following a decision by the defense minister, two main components of the nuclear triad will continue to perform their combat duty armed with nuclear weapons. In light of the New START (the third nuclear arms reduction treaty between Russia and the United States), it is quite sufficient for maintaining nuclear parity," Sych said.

"This is why the aerial component of the nuclear triad will continue to perform its combat mission just as it did before, while bases of the 12th Main Directorate will maintain their readiness to issue them with nuclear ammunition," the senior defense official said.

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