Kudrin wants new party of democrats, market devotees to partake in next parliamentary election

A political party representing the interests of market economy devotees should be founded no later than 2014, Civil Initiatives Committee Cochairman, ex-Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said at the Committee meeting on Monday.

"We need to take the hard road towards consolidation. It is desirable to establish a new force uniting several political entities at least 18 to 24 months before the next parliamentary election," he said.

Kudrin said the founders must be very serious. "This is not just a question of registration; this is an important political matter," he remarked.

Kudrin said he hoped the new force would come into existence. "The new consolidated force expressing the interests of democratically-minded people wishing to work in a modern market economy should be formed," he said.

"We would like it to win the next parliamentary election and represent the interests of these citizens," Kudrin said.

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