Terrorism acceptable to West when it appears politically expedient

Terrorist attacks may be acceptable to Western countries when they appear politically expedient to them, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Russian journalists in commenting on some UN Security Council members' refusal to condemn the recent terrorist attacks in Syria and Iraq.

"This is certainly deplorable," Lavrov said. "Until lately, the UN Security Council has invariably reacted to any terrorist attacks by firmly condemning them and stressed an invariable position that terrorism is unacceptable, whatever reasons it could be justified by," he said.

The first time some Western partners deviated from this position was when the Syrian Security Service headquarters in Damascus was bombed and a number of high-ranking law enforcement and security officials were killed, he said.

"The West's explanation was that this was not really a terrorist attack, because it struck those who led armed security agencies, which are kind of combating insurgents," he said.

Lavrov said this explanation stunned him.

"A terrorist attack will be a terrorist attack, and if it looks like a terrorist attack, is planned like a terrorist attack and is committed like a terrorist attack, then this is a terrorist attack, if we rephrase the well-known saying about a duck," Lavrov said.

"As for the recent events, we proposed condemning not only the terrorist attacks in Aleppo, in which 27 people were killed and about a hundred wounded, but we also proposed condemning a series of terrorist attacks that occurred the same day in Iraq," he said.

"Our Western partners took a pause, probably consulted their capitals, and also refused to express any reaction," he said.

Lavrov suggested that this signals a fundamental change in the position of some Western countries.

"The essence of this position now is that, when the matter is about political expediency from the West's viewpoint, terrorist attacks are acceptable to them. I would be glad to hear our partners deny this suspicion of mine, but I have nothing to do so far but have one," Lavrov said.

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