Dvorkovich believes government should let go reins in economy

The current government's mandate is to prevent excessive state meddling in the economy, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said in an interview with business daily Vedomosti published on Thursday.

"There is a general message in the government's work: the state will not excessively interfere in the economy. Particularly since we don't have the financial resources to steer everything. We need to act according to the resources that we have," Dvorkovich said.

"The main policy direction is to move away from manual control. And there are sectors where we have succeeded in doing this," Dvorkovich said.

He said an example of this is the oil sector. "I've moved away from the practice of a weekly gathering of company heads. At the level of the ministries there continue to be periodic contacts of course, and this is necessary due to how management in the sector is built. But we have essentially moved away from manual control. Elsewhere we are moving away now. This is important," Dvorkovich said.

"It's important for the government to work professionally based on serious economic analysis, based on an evaluation of large amounts of information, both economic and legal. Liberalism or its absence is not that important. What's important is what is more effective at the given moment in each specific sector," Dvorkovich said.

He also said that in the current government he is in charge of "all civilian sectors of the real economy, regulation of markets is within the purview of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov."

"The sectors that I handle are interconnected. I work out general approaches to the work of all ministries, but taking into account the specifics of the specific sector," Dvorkovich said.

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