Nemtsov: left-wing, liberal, nationalist opposition wings in agreement on political demands

Boris Nemtsov, one of Russia's opposition leaders, said on Saturday that the liberal, left-wing and nationalist wings of the opposition had reached agreement on political demands such as the ouster of President Vladimir Putin and new presidential and parliamentary elections.

"New elections for the Duma, a new presidential election under public control," Nemtsov, who is a co-head of the Solidarnost (Solidarity) coalition and a former deputy prime minister, told a rally in Moscow that was part of the "March of Millions" nationwide protests.

"If we don't demand the dismissal of Putin, if we don't demand a new presidential election, we won't be able to change anything in the country," he said.

"There is one more piece of good news - nobody believed that the left-wingers, liberals and nationalists would be able to be together and reach agreement on political demands, with agreement on social and economic demands being especially difficult to reach. I want to tell you that we have reached agreement," Nemtsov said.

"Our political demands are utterly clear - immediate release of political prisoners and new, honest parliamentary and presidential elections under public control," he said. "The president must have limits put on his powers, the constitution must be changed, parliament must have a more powerful role."

Nemtsov said these demands were set out in the resolution of Saturday\'s March of Millions.

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