Russian Foreign Ministry: West encourages Syrian opposition to use force

The policy being pursued by the West is encouraging the Syrian opposition to opt for the use of force, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"The UN Security Council's approval of the Geneva communique of the Action Group for Syria would help put an end to the violence in that country. The influential external players should urge the parties in the conflict to lay down arms and gather at a negotiating table," the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its Twitter page.

"The West's support, addressed to one party in the conflict, encourages the opposition to opt for force and further confrontation with the authorities," it said.

"Measures should be taken to end the violence in Syria and to start a dialogue, based on the settlement potential available," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"No geopolitical interests can justify the deaths and suffering of innocent people," it said.

"The frequently made assertions that 'Syria is not Libya' and that external interference is not being considered sound increasingly unconvincing," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

But it said that, "if external interference is indeed excluded from someone's plans, the proof of that can and must lie in concentrated efforts to assist transition to political settlement," it said.

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