Russia insists on legally binding guarantees that U.S. missile shield is not targeted against it

Time is running out for Russia to reach an agreement on missile defense with the U.S. and NATO, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"We are continuing dialogue, and we are not evading it, but there is less and less time from day to day" to reach an agreement on missile defense, Lavrov told journalists in New York.

Moscow does not see NATO's desire to take into account its concerns about the U.S. missile shield, he said.

"We so far do not see any desire on the part of our NATO partners, where surely the U.S. decides everything, because this project is American in reality, it is the U.S.' global missile defense system," Lavrov said. "We do not see any desire to take into consideration our legitimate concerns so far," he said.

"They are so far getting away with unfounded statements that this is not targeted against Russia. But if this is so, is it really difficult to formalize this in legally binding guarantees, which would be based on commonly agreed-upon criteria making it possible to track the development of the U.S. missile defense system at every stage and see that this really does not pose any threat to the Russian Federation?" he said.

"But the matter is not progressing in any way so far. We keep trying," he said.

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