Russian experts argue that Obama re-election won't change Russia-U.S. relations much

There will be no breakthrough in Russia-U.S. relations if Barack Obama wins the presidential election, U.S. foreign policy analyst Dmitri Simes said at the Russian-U.S. seminar, "Reset or Another Concept of Deterrence", in Moscow on Thursday.

He said he feared that Obama would have neither time nor political capital to develop relations with Russia even if he was reelected and had the impulse to do that.

In the opinion of the expert, the Russian vector does not quite fit Obama's priorities.

Simes agreed with the opinion that Obama is an honest man, who wants to hold a pragmatic policy and seeks at least normalization with Russia. However, the opinion of Obama will not shape up the U.S. policy on Russia, he added.

There is one problem with President Obama: his foreign policy views have no big significance, Simes said. This is not because he has limited powers or he deceives anyone; this is just because the foreign policy is not his priority; his priority is the internal political transformation of the United States, he said.

The expert found it difficult to comment on Russia-U.S. relations prospect in the case of the election victory of Mitt Romney.

He said Romney was much harsher than Obama now, but it was a big question what he would actually do. He said he was not quite sure that Romney had fully formulated his foreign political program.

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