Russia believes that it's not the time to speak about responsive measures to Gazprom antitrust inquiry

Russia's European Union Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov has said that it is premature to discuss any possible measures that could be taken in response to the European Commission's ongoing investigation into whether Russian gas giant Gazprom violated antitrust laws.

"Well, I would not speak about any response measures at the moment. It is not yet clear how the inquiry will end. It could be dropped without reaching the stage of official proceedings. An amicable settlement could be reached, as many companies did before," Chizhov told Interfax in Brussels.

"It is quite possible that the claims to Gazprom could be lifted. That is why it is premature to discuss response measures," he said.

Commenting on the possibility of another gas crisis in relations with the EU, the Russian diplomat said that "it will depend on whether or not someone decides once again to illegal take transit gas."

"I hope that it will not happen. Let's hope that everything will work properly. At least, Nord Stream has already been put into operation, and Western Europe's gas supplies do not fully depend on transit countries any longer. It is Gazprom's practical contribution with its Nord Stream to Europe's energy security," he said.

"By the way, the EU highly appreciates Nord Stream and has included it in the list of the EU's priority projects. We are now awaiting confirmation of South Stream's similar status," Chizhov said.

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