Russia sees EU attempts to create the Magnitsky list for EU as superficial and biased

The recommendation issued by the European Parliament faction Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe calling for the foundation of the "Magnitsky lists" for the EU is extremely superficial and politically biased, Russia's permanent envoy to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said.

"I have read it very closely. It's depressing. It also applies to the professionalism of its authors," the diplomat told Interfax in Brussels.

Speaking about possible further developments of events, Chizhov said that "the procedure does not envisage debate on this issue in plenary sessions of the European Parliament, unless at least forty parliamentarians demand it."

"The Committee on Foreign Affairs has approved the faction's recommendations. Naturally, it is addressed to the executive structures of the European Union, that is, to the Council of Europe and the European Commission. It is currently at the level of the Committee on Foreign Affairs," he said.

"The European Parliament either takes note of such recommendations without a discussion, or, if parliamentarians begin debate or voting, this recommendation will be forwarded to the executive structures. Theoretically, it may happen. I do not rule out initiatives from the opposite sides: some deputies want this resolution to be thrown out, and others, on the contrary, want to discuss it at a plenary session. This will be decided at the European Parliament session in Strasbourg in October," Chizhov said.

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