Russia's Foreign Ministry argues that any attempts to replay a Libyan-style scenario in Syria would lead to a deadlock

Attempts to replay a Libyan-style scenario in Syria would lead to a deadlock, which is capable of destabilizing the situation both in Syria and in the region as a whole, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

"Attempts to look for ways to resolve the crisis in Syria outside of the UN Security Council would entail the most destructive and dangerous consequences both for Syria itself, the Middle East region and ultimately the order system all over the modern-day world," he said at a Moscow State Institute of International Relations conference on Friday.

"A genuine solution can be found only through talks and by looking for compromises," the deputy minister said.

"Repeating a Libyan-style scenario, supporting just one side in this confrontation would lead to a deadlock," Ryabkov said.

"In our opinion, a task facing the international community is not to support one of the sides in this internal conflict or carry out operations to change the regime there, but seek to stop any violence and encourage the launch of intense dialogue aimed at reaching a compromise on political reforms that are long overdue," he said.

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