Prokhorov criticizes authorities for shooting at Caucasian wedding, Pussy Riot situation

"Both events of Sunday prove that Russian authorities in their different formats do not do real work but stick to the activity, which may be described as "bustle and hustle getting in the way of others." That activity led to unpunished shooting in the center of the capital city, which was fraught with outbreaks of nationalism, in one case, and to growing irritation of the secular society in the other case," he wrote on LiveJournal on Monday.

Prokhorov commented on the shooting into the air from a car passing along Tverskaya and Mokhovaya streets and the statement of the Moscow Patriarchate's Synodal Department at the Monday hearing of the Pussy Riot appeal at the Moscow City Court.

"The police fined the shooters 100 rubles for "breaking the rules of acoustic signals." Their maximal punishment (if there will be any) is a revoked license to own non-lethal guns. In this context any claims of the judiciary or police reform can be associated with hypocrisy only," the businessman said.

"It took a drunken driver killing seven people on a bus stop to "sober up" State Duma deputies and make them start thinking about strict punishment for drunken driving," he said. "I am terrified to think what incident must happen for deputies to adopt lucid laws on non-lethal guns," he said.

Prokhorov also made a comment on the Moscow Patriarchate's Synodal Department statement, which ran as follows: "Seeing that the goal of the punishment [of the Pussy Riot girls] is correction, we would like any of the convicts' words displaying their repentance and rethinking of their action not to be overlooked and the offenders to have a possibility to take the path of correction."

"I will translate that into pure Russian: the Russian Orthodox Church calls on the convicted girls to repent and urges the Moscow City Court to alleviate their sentence in that case. When the Russian Orthodox Church was dwelling on "mercy" after the sentence was passed, it excused itself by saying that any appeals for mercy made before the sentence was read would have been viewed as pressure on the court. What has happened to misters from the Moscow Patriarchate over the past 45 days?" Prokhorov wondered.

"There is an impression that the latest unclear comment is, like a journalist has put it, an attempt "to have a cake and eat it too." With whom is the Synodal Department bargaining? Is that with the girls, with the public that condemned the perversion of justice or the court?" he asked.

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