State will keep believers safe from attacks

The government will keep believers safe from attacks, said Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov. "The state will use the force of law in its entirety to defend our citizens religious feelings and our national and spiritual values from blasphemy and insult," Ivanov said in Moscow on Monday, opening the 16th Frontiers of History - Frontiers of Russia World Russian People's Assembly.

History must be remembered, including the dramatic 20th century history, "when erosion of the spiritual foundations marked the beginning of the nation's breakup and plunge into revolutions, tremors and civil confrontation," he said.

The Russian Church has amassed unique experience of cooperating with the state, which helps "tackle social and educational tasks successfully, to maintain stability and ethnic peace, and to counter extremist sentiment and manifestations of xenophobia and religious intolerance," Ivanov said.

"The Russian people and Russian culture have always been the backbone of the Russian state, while the Russian Orthodox Church and other traditional religions have always been its spiritual foothold," he said.

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