Russia believes that developments in Syria will depend on priorities set by parties concerned

The situation in Syria may be developing in two ways, and the choice between them is simple but terrible, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview published in the Wednesday issue of Kommersant.

"Everything is simple here. There are two options. If the assurances that priority number one now is to save people's lives are sincere, then it is necessary to carry out what was agreed upon in Geneva at the end of June. That is, make everyone stop shooting and sit at the negotiating table. If actually priority number one is to topple the regime and Bashar al-Assad, then we can't help it in any way. The UN Security Council does not deal with this by definition," Lavrov said.

Then this means "instigation to continuing the fratricidal war," and "we will simply have to understand that the price for this obsession with the geopolitical goal of changing the Syrian regime will be hundreds and thousands of lives of those very Syrians," he said.

"The choice is very simple but surely terrible. I felt in conversations with my counterparts they understand that there is no alternative to these two scenarios, but they are so far not prepared to put the lid on their own plans. This is sad," he said.

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