Federation Council calling on prosecutors, investigators to analyze the 'Anatomy of Protests-2' documentary

The Russian Federation Council is calling on prosecution agencies and the Investigative Committee to analyze the contents of a documentary entitled Anatomy of Protest-2 the NTV television channel showed on October 5.

"The Investigative Committee and prosecution agencies should take a most serious approach to the facts presented in this film, carefully investigate them and make a legal judgment about the facts presented in this film," Federation Council First Deputy Chairman Alexander Torshin told Interfax on Saturday.

The film contains a lot of factual information, which needs to be scrutinized, he said.

"I was really surprised to see my former acquaintance, Givi Targamadze, openly speaking in this film. This is a Georgian parliamentarian, the head of the security committee at the Georgian parliament, and I met with him during the presidential elections in Ukraine," he said.

Torshin described Targamadze as "a cynical and obnoxious man having ample financial resources."

"A destitute Georgia then assigned two planes during those elections [in Ukraine] to bring there so-called observers of very dubious appearance, with broken noses and beefy biceps, who had press cards of a Ukrainian newspaper supporting Yulia Tymoshenko. I was in Donetsk as an observer from the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, and it took quite a lot of efforts to thwart this provocation and not to allow mass disturbances in Donetsk," he said.

There was a reason for the Georgian visitors to choose the Donetsk region, as more than 10,000 ethnic Ossetians live there, and so the "observers" expected "serious fistfight and provocation" that would question legitimacy of the presidential elections in Ukraine, he said.

"This was absolutely obvious then. And now Targamadze is cheekily instructing our so-called oppositionists represented by Udaltsov. This is beyond the good and the bad. In fact, this really smacks of crime, and this crime has been paid for - I would like to note that Targamadze is buying Udaltsov too cheap, for only $35,000. These are bad games, because this is an obvious attempt of an alliance between Udaltsov and the criminal underworld, and this situation is seriously worrisome," Torshin said.

"The talk about the seizure of power in Kaliningrad is very serious information, and the film says absolutely correctly that this tolerance that we display to such actions is perceived by the opposition as weakness and encourages their new exploits," he said.

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