United Russia: Election proves opposition unprepared for real political life

The Oct. 14 election outcome and the low turnout are signs of the opposition's defeat, United Russia General Council members believe.

"This is not just a victory of United Russia; this is also a defeat of systemic and extra-systemic opposition. The opposition has failed to present a coherent program everywhere but in Barnaul and Khimki over one year of its existence," United Russia General Council Deputy Secretary Andrei Isayev told a Monday press conference at Interfax.

People Freedom Party's (PARNAS) Co-chairman Vladimir Ryzhkov won a seat at the Barnaul City Council, and mayoral candidate Yevgenia Chirikova ranked second in the election in Khimki, Moscow region, he said. United Russia did not see any other serious results achieved by the 'white ribbon' opposition, he said.

"They preferred virtual elections of their virtual parliament they called the Coordination Council," Isayev said.

"What can I say, good riddance; this is a choice any person can make - one may join the Army or play a game of war. The 'white ribbon' opposition obviously prefers playing," he said.

Isayev also linked the low turnout with the failure of the systemic opposition to catch the attention of voters and present detailed election programs.

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