Rogozin: NATO missile defense jeopardizes Russia

The NATO current missile defense concept jeopardizes Russia and creates unpredictability, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told a NATO Parliamentary Assembly delegation at a meeting at the Federation Council.

"This missile defense concept is global and mobile, and it creates unpredictability. That is the real Figaro, Figaro here and Figaro there," Rogozin said.

He especially pointed to the U.S. fleet and technical parameters of the European missile defense system meant to intercept strategic missiles.

"We are awaiting explanations of NATO and Washington concerning their real purpose. Technical parameters make them unable to intercept operative and operative tactical missiles, medium-range missiles. Actually, the potential which is being deployed around Norway, the bases in Romania, all that potential is aimed to intercept strategic rockets by its speed, range and altitude characteristics," Rogozin emphasized.

The U.S. naval-based group, which is the core of European missile defense, may be deployed in European ports rather far from the Russian territory, such as a base in Spain, but "the same fleet can't help but appear in our northern seas under particular circumstances," he said.

"Therefore, the radius of use of these weapons makes them a real threat to us. The strategic potential of Russia is a guarantee of its sovereignty and independence," Rogozin said.

If new threats to Russia's strategic potential appear, Russia will simply have to think about threats of militarization of Europe, he said.

"We request you not to do that: the Russian response has a rather virtual political and diplomatic nature for now, but you will not like the technical response we may give under certain circumstances," Rogozin said.

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