Russia finishes large-scale nuke forces command exercise

Russia's Strategic Nuclear Forces finished a large-scale command exercise on Saturday.

"Yesterday the supreme commander in chief, Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, exercised direct control of the Strategic Nuclear Forces and of combat training [missile] launches," presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told news agencies. "This included combat training launches of strategic and cruise missiles, which hit simulated targets at various military training sites."

"The automated communications control system was tested under Putin's personal control, as were new algorithms of control of the Strategic Nuclear Forces, with the practical training of combat tasks that were set to all the components of the nuclear triad - the long-range air force and the sea and ground components - as part of a single plan," Peskov said.

"The supreme commander in chief made a high assessment of the performance of the combat units and crews and the General Staff, which carried out all the tasks that had been set to them and demonstrated the reliability of efficiency of the nuclear triad of Russia," he said.

"It was for the first time in the recent history of Russia that the Strategic Nuclear Forces had held a command exercise on such a scale," the spokesman said.

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