Nationalists expect up to 25,000 to join Russian March in Moscow

Nationalists have submitted an application to the Moscow city authorities for conducting the Russian March on National Unity Day marked on Nov. 4, leader of the Russians associations Dmitry Dyomushkin has announced.

"We notified Moscow city hall about conducting the Russian March," he said to Interfax on Monday.

The application estimates the number of participants in the annual nationalist action at about 25,000 people, he said.

"As for the venue, we suggested five procession options," Dyomushkin said.

"The Russian March will have the following slogans - 'For the rights and liberties and the indigenous population', 'For giving the Russian people the status of nation-forming', 'Against the yoke of the corpse' and 'For the introduction of visas in travels with Central Asian countries'," he said.

Dyomushkin reminded Interfax that on Oct. 1 nationalists also submitted an application to the city authorities for holding a concert as part of the Russian March but still have not received any reply. He added that the applications for the procession and concert are handled by different departments of the city authorities and at different times."

He said that the eighth Russian March is expected to become the most massive and be conducted abroad as well as 40 Russian cities.

"This year the Russian March is assuming international scope. There will be actions in Ukraine - Odesa and Kiev, in Canada, Australia and some European countries. Presently it is the biggest nationalist action in the world. The Russian March has left behind all similar actions that nationalists are holding throughout the world," Dyomushkin told Interfax earlier.

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