State Duma's Defense Committee: Russian armed forces must be fit for network centric warfare

The extensive funding that the federal government provides for national defense is expected to ensure the Russian armed forces' compliance with the highest modern standards, said Viktor Zavarzin, the first vice chairman of the State Duma's Defense Committee.

"The army and the navy must be prepared for new types of warfare - lightening and network centric warfare, not wars of attrition," Zavarzin told reporters after a "government hour" in the State Duma when Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov fielded lawmakers' questions.

"The Russian armed forces must employ means of warfare based on the most advanced principles of physics, weapons that would deal on a par with similar hostile means, or even surpass them," Zavarzin said.

"In addition to this, advanced IT must be introduced intensively in order to ensure and maintain the Russian armed forces' superiority over the possible enemy's strike systems and smart weapons," he said.

"Unfortunately, our industry is not quite prepared - to put it mildly - to meet the armed forces\' demand and implement their plans," he added.

"The bill on the state defense order now under scrutiny in the Defense Committee aims to achieve this goal. The approval procedures are proceeding slowly, but the bill must be the regulator of this subtle and vital sphere, meet the needs of the country and be oriented to the future," the lawmaker said.

"No one doubts that Russia needs a powerful navy and army, fit to deal with and neutralize present-day threats, an army ready for swift deployments, and armed with modern and smart weapons, Zavarzin said.

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