International conference «Nuclear Weapons and International Security in the 21st Century»

On November 8, 2012, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in cooperation with Global Zero and Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) will host a major conference on “Nuclear Weapons and International Security in the 21st Century”.

Location: MGIMO, Moscow

The event will take place immediately following the US elections, the results of which will significantly affect the process of nuclear arms control through to 2017 and beyond.

Participants in the conference will include leading Russian experts on international security and nuclear arms control, senior Russian government officials, leading institutes on Russian public affairs and representatives of the international media.

Global Zero, the initiative dedicated to the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons and led by 300 global leaders, will be represented by General James Cartwright, formerly responsible for all US nuclear weapons and Ambassador Rick Burt, key negotiator of the original START treaty between Russia and the US.

The conference will address the framework and principles of future US-Russian strategic security cooperation following the US elections, will include presentations of key US and Russian reports on scenarios for nuclear arms reduction and address the issues of multilateral disarmament, nuclear proliferation and the threat of nuclear terrorism.

Preliminary agenda of the conference:

  • Half a century of nuclear arms control: victories and defeats
  • Russia-US nuclear cooperation: is there an alternative to nuclear deterrence?
  • Multilateral nuclear disarmament: utopia or a real perspective?
  • International cooperation against the threats of nuclear terrorism


Find more information on Russian International Affairs Council web-site.

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