Russian observers: Parliamentary elections in Ukraine were democratic, well-organized

The elections to Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, were generally calm, democratic and complied with international standards, Russian observers believe.

"The elections to the Ukrainian parliament were successful, democratic and complied with standards even more than in some of European Union countries," Russian observer and member of the Public Chamber Sergei Markov said at a Sunday press conference.

He accounted the high standard of organization to the fact that Ukraine has ample experience of holding various elections.

"Ukraine holds elections very often and political parties have learned to hold them at a high level in conditions of tough competition," Markov said.

Meanwhile, an observer from the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS, Svetlana Goryacheva, said that no violations were registered at the 17 polling stations in Kiev that she visited.

"The only thing is poor light in some of polling booths, but this is not an abuse, sooner discomfort for the voters," she said.

Another Russian observer Kazbek Taisayev praised the high level of organization of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. "Everything was organized very well, at a high level, and in general the elections were held duly," he said.

With 30.05 percent of the ballots counted in Ukraine's parliamentary elections, the Regions Party is getting 36.61 percent of the vote, Batkivshchyna - 21.02 percent, the Communist Party - 15.28 percent, UDAR - 12.64 percent, and Svoboda - 7.58 percent.

After tabbing 30.05 percent of the ballots CEC announced that 5.216 million Ukrainians had voted.

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