Russia reveals its navy development plans

Russia has major development plans for its navy, seeking to make it a secure sea-based shield to guard against potential nuclear and non-nuclear attacks by 2030, according to the navy's commander in chief.

"By 2030, the Navy must be able to reliably defend the national interests of Russia in any region of the world ocean and to carry out the tasks of strategic nuclear and nuclear deterrence in a guaranteed way," a Defense Ministry statement that was made available to Interfax-AVN quoted Adm. Viktor Chirkov as saying at a meeting with foreign military diplomats posted in Russia.

"Within the next two decades, the development of the Russian Navy will pursue the goal of creating a navy that is balanced in terms of composition and combat resources and is capable of ensuring ocean- and sea-based military security for the country together with other arms and services of the armed forces and defending the national interests of the Russian Federation in the world ocean," Chirkov said.

Designing new weapons, building sufficient reserves of arms, reforming the navy's command system and integrating it more closely with the command system for the armed forces as a whole, making the navy's logistic system more efficient and making changes to the network of naval bases are some of the measures needed to make this possible, according to the admiral.

Today's arming of Russia's military is based on a program that will be in effect until 2020. The program provides for "all the necessary resources for rearming the Navy," Chirkov said.

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