Human rights groups to complain to police about Russian March radical slogans

Human rights groups will complain to police about the radical slogans voiced during the Russian March nationalistic action in Moscow on Sunday.

"Reports have arrived from our activists that some of the marchers wore swastikas and chanted xenophobic, nationalistic and anti-migrant slogans," Moscow Human Rights Bureau Director Alexander Brod told Interfax.

Brod said that his organization and the Moscow Anti-Fascist Center had sent activists to observe the Russian March.

"We will send a letter to the prosecutor general and interior minister on Monday listing abuses registered during the Russian March. We have been following Russian March actions for the past few years, seeing that they are becoming increasingly reminiscent of the Black Hundred ultra-nationalist gatherings in the early 20th century," Brod said.

"Calls for violence and extremist acts are made during Russian March actions. The reaction of police is weak," he added.

"It's a shame nationalists have privatized National Unity Day marked on Nov. 4," Brod said.

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