Moscow will offer response to Washington if Magnitsky Act is passed

The United States will definitely pass the Magnitsky Act, said Alexei Pushkov, the State Duma's International Affairs Committee chairman.

"The Magnitsky Act is likely to be passed this year. The question is 'in which version?'" Pushkov said at a news conference in Moscow.

"I guess we will have to deal with the Magnitsky Act," Pushkov said, adding that Moscow will take response measures in that case.

Pushkov also said that the Jackson-Vanik amendment will most probably be scrapped.

"It will be scrapped - this is evident - because in the context of Russia's membership in the World Trade Organization, the amendments, if saved, will place American businesses in an inequitable position on the Russian market," Pushkov said.

"American businesses are pressing ahead to get the Jackson-Vanik amendment annulled," he added.

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