Russian diplomat admits Moscow-Washington relations not seeing best times

Relations between Russia and the United States are not seeing their best times now, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

"Unfortunately, we have to say again and again that we are following some algorithm presuming that ups and downs come one after another. Now we have a situation when our relations are not the best," Ryabkov said on Echo Moskvy radio on Thursday.

Members of the Barack Obama administration "understand this situation and are declaring their willingness to look for ways together to secure progress in our relations and move ahead," Ryabkov said.

Russian-U.S. relations are quite varied, he said.

"There are results that we can be proud of, and they are well-known, but some problems have piled up lately, and we are arguing on many issues," he said.

Asked when he believes Russian-U.S. relations were at their last peak, Ryabkov said, "There was a certain effect of a common euphoric attitude toward partnership between Russia and the U.S., which developed naturally when, after years of absence of any arms control agreements, an important treaty on the reduction of strategic arms fundamentally acceptable to both parties was signed."

"There were quite a lot of good results after it as well, but perhaps the emotional atmosphere was the best in that period over the four years under Obama starting from 2009," he said.

"Yes, probably that was the apogee, but we are not at the perigee now. We had worse times in the past," he said.

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