Russia calls for further negotiations on Iranian nuclear program

The main issue in the negotiations the international Sextet is conducting with Iran on its nuclear program has until now been the exchange of proposals, but now there is a need to discuss the results, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters.

"Our main task, the main problem of the negotiation process is to go from the stage of exchanging proposals to specific discussion of a mutually acceptable result. That's what we are working on now and the meeting that took place in Brussels today addressed the way we will proceed," the diplomat said.

Ryabkov took part in the Sextet consultations on the Iranian nuclear program at the level of political directors in Brussels on Wednesday.

The Sextet participants know of Iran's proposals, which were made a fairly long time ago, he said.

"These proposals are a set of very serious ideas and approaches. They are essentially a set of measures that Iran would like to take in the interests of achieving the result it seeks, but it would be wrong to say that Iran has made its proposals and the Sextet has not," the diplomat said.

Ryabkov recalled that "the main thing that took place at the rounds this year was the exchange of proposals and a detailed statement of the proposals made by the parties, which were made in writing or otherwise."

The meeting held in Brussels on Wednesday addressed the tactics of further actions."

"It's too early to say what proposals and ideas we have. This issue will be discussed directly at the negotiation table. Iran will need to make its own judgment on the Sextet position," the diplomat said.

"Russia, in this situation, believes that the negotiation process should have been resumed a long time ago after a pause, which has definitely lasted too long," he said. "Otherwise we will suffer a setback and will go back to the situation that existed before Istanbul in April," he said.

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