RBTH for iPad v1.2 no longer updated

RBTH for iPad app

Nov. 23 is the last day that RBTH for iPad app version 1.2 will be updated with new content. Users of versions older than 2.0 are welcomed to obtain the new and much-improved RBTH for iPad app!

The vastly updated version of the popular app RBTH for iPad was launched months ago, but, since then, older versions were still supported by the RBTH Mobile team. Every new update lengthened the gap between versions.  Most of the improvements, such as new navigation, stability increases, Retina graphics, etc., are not compatible with older versions.

According to the technical data, less than 100 users still have older versions of the RBTH app (namely Touch Russia) on their iPads. Bearing that in mind, RBTH Mobile team has decided to concentrate all of their efforts on developing the newer version of the app. From now on, Touch Russia app support will be discontinued. All of the remaining users are welcomed to update the app via a corresponding option in the iPad AppStore or using the iTunes application for desktops.

We're looking forward to providing you with a whole new experience!

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