France doesn't intend to adopt Magnitsky List - ambassador to Moscow

France does not plan to adopt the so-called Magnitsky List at the national level, French ambassador to Russia Jean de Gliniasty has said.

"As for the Magnitsky List, as you know there is a list adopted by several countries, primarily the U.S. As far as I know," France is not planning such things, the ambassador said in a Sunday interview with Interfax.

Commenting on the recent adoption of a resolution of the Europe parliament advising EU countries to adopt the Magnitsky List he said questions of visa regulations belong to the competence of national sovereign states.

"There are general rules which we follow, of course. The European parliament can advise, recommend but it does not make decisions," the diplomat stressed.

He admitted, though, that the case of Sergei Magnitsky sparked off a big number of opinions.

Speaking of human rights in Russia in general the ambassador recalled that the USSR ceased to exist slightly over 20 years ago. "If one looks at the developments that took place throughout these 20 years, one can recognize the coincidence between Russian and European legal norms concerning the construction of a law-governed state," he said.

At the same time de Gliniasty said that some laws and decisions adopted in Russia "do not always coincide with our values and do not comply with the criteria that we have in the sphere of a law-governed state." " The question of observance of human rights in the world is studied quite vigilantly, closely in France. The issues are quite sensitive for civil society in France," he stressed.

Dialogue concerning human rights has become a norm for the international community, he said.

"We cannot avoid it. I think everyone understands that," the ambassador concluded.

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