Greenpeace urges Russia to contribute to global climate treaty

International environmental organization Greenpeace has called for the extension of the Kyoto Protocol and a new global climate treaty by 2015.

The call coincided with the opening of the 18th UN Climate Conference in Doha (Qatar).

Greenpeace suggests extending the Kyoto Protocol, which expires this year, from 2013 until 2017, while simultaneously cancelling the unused greenhouse emission quotas and drafting a new, more effective global climate accord by 2015, Greenpeace Russia said in a statement circulated on Monday.

"Greenpeace is convinced that developed nations should help developing countries that will be the first hit by the effects of global climate change. Developed nations should fix financing for the Green Climate Fund set up to support the introduction of 'green' technologies in developing countries. In 2013, it should amount to at least $20 billion, and by 2020 - to $100 billion per year," the statement says.

Member states should commit themselves to greenhouse gas cuts to the extent that would slash emissions by 80% on average towards 2050, compared with the 1990 level, with the peak falling on 2015.

"These measures will make it possible to contain global warming within a range of 2 degrees Celsius," Greenpeace ecologists say.

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