Pussy Riot usurped internationally as brand name - lawyer

People in various countries who have nothing to do with the Pussy Riot punk rock band have being applying to register Pussy Riot as a commercial brand name, though the band has asked for its own brand registration application to be dropped, a lawyers said on Monday.

"The commercialization of the Pussy Riot brand is in full swing, and applications for the registration of the Pussy Riot brand are getting filed all over the world. Apparently, we have been unable to protect the girls from what we wanted to protect them from," Mark Feigin told a news conference.

Feigin was a member of the legal team that defended the three Pussy Riot performers during their trial in Moscow a few months ago.

"On Nov. 2, immediately after Rospatent (the Federal Service for Intellectual Property) turned down our application for registering the brand, one individual in Estonia applied to register the Pussy Riot trademark," Feigin said, "We know about similar applications in Switzerland and Britain."

The lawyer denied that either he any other member of the former defense team had anything to do with those applications, and that they had tried to get the brand name registered without Pussy Riot's consent.

Pussy Riot decided to try to have their name registered in the spring of this year after reports that the name might be used commercially by people who had nothing to do with the band itself or its ideas.

With three of its artist behind bars, Pussy Riot was unable to file its own application, and so the band entrusted an independent law firm owned by Feigin's wife to act as the applicant.

"We had an agreement signed between that firm and the girls under whose terms all rights to this brand name would have been handed over to the members of the band if the trademark were registered and they were released,\" Feigin said.

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