Expert argues that alcohol consumption in Russia similar as in U.S. and Europe

Russian head drug and alcohol addiction therapist Yevgeny Bryun believes that Russians drink as much as people in countries with unrestricted selling of alcoholic beverages.

"The indicator stands at an annual 13.6 liters per capita. It is similar with the world average in countries without restrictions on distribution and consumption of alcohol. These countries consume approximately 12-13 liters of alcohol per capita. I think Russia may be slightly ahead of them," Bryun told a Wednesday press conference at Interfax.

In his opinion, the market narrowing helped reduce the alcohol consumption rate. "More than two years ago we banned selling of beverages with an alcohol content higher than 15 percent per volume at nighttime. Effects were imminent. We got less alcohol poisoning cases. Less people asked for urgent medical aid," he said.

The Russian situation somewhat resembles the situation in Scandinavian countries where the distribution of alcohol was seriously restricted in the 1980s both by time and place of selling. "It was also limited by age and price. The price kept growing constantly," the expert said.

The active healthy lifestyle campaign also contributed to the success, he added.

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