Russia releases report on human rights abuses in EU

The observance of fundamental human rights and liberties is becoming an increasingly serious problem in the European Union, the Russian Foreign Ministry's Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov told European journalists in Brussels on Thursday.

"We think it is time our European partners changed the situation and guaranteed the observance of their international obligations," he said.

Dolgov handed European Human Rights Commissioner Stavros Lambrinidis Russia's report, prepared by the Russian Foreign Ministry, on the observance of human rights in 27 EU countries in Brussels on Thursday, and he presented the report to journalists after talks with his EU counterpart.

Among the humanitarian abuses common in the EU are "nonobservance of the rights of minorities and prisoners, insufficient protection for children, violations of the principle of inviolability of private life and abuse of authority in breaking up street demonstrations," he said.

Some of the EU countries are participants in the CIA program for the secret detention, transportation and secret prison confinement of persons suspected of terrorism, which is a crude violation of the fundamental obligations in the human rights sphere, Dolgov said.

The Russian diplomat also spoke about problems in media freedom and dwelled in detail on the encouragement of Nazi ideology in some countries, including Baltic countries, and on simultaneous encroachments on the rights of Russian-speaking people.

The report mentions rigorous budget economy measures and tax consolidation among the factors that negatively impact democratic processes and social rights in the EU.

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