RBTH features Russia’s best startups

Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH), together with Digital October and PricewaterhouseCoopers’s Center for Technology and Innovation in Russia, has introduced their Russian Startup Rating. The goal of the Russian Startup Rating is to provide an objective assessment of the development level and dynamics of young technology companies established in Russia. The role of RBTH is to present the rating and the companies it covers to the international community, as well as to bring Russia’s startup market closer to foreign companies and investors.

As part of the project, RBTH’s print supplements and a special section on its website will publish a regularly updated list of Russian startups, in addition to analysis and multimedia information on the most interesting and successful young companies in the areas of information technology (web and mobile services), high tech (engineering projects and technology devices) and life sciences (biotechnology and medicine). RBTH is also planning to publish a specialized digital magazine for tablet devices.

According to Oleg Burukhin, RBTH’s strategic marketing and external communications director and a member of the rating project group, promising Russian startups are not receiving enough global media coverage: “While Russia has many interesting projects with strong potential, international investors often simply have no way of knowing anything about them. Our new column will inform the international audience about the state of this industry and its development outlook in Russia. It will also help young Russian companies find international partners, and help investors understand the market and learn about successful projects.”

The Russian Startup Rating has been prepared by industry experts at Digital October and PricewaterhouseCoopers’s Center for Technology and Innovation in Russia. Drawing on their industry experience, they have identified a set of criteria and indicators to comprehensively assess the level of development and investment appeal of startups. A total of 225 Russian companies have taken part in the rating.

Russia Beyond the Headlines is Rossiyskaya Gazeta’s international project that has been publishing foreign-language supplements in influential international newspapers since 2007. Our current portfolio includes 29 publications in 14 languages in 22 countries, with a combined circulation of 11 million copies and an audience of more than 32 million. RBTH’s multimedia portal (www.rbth.ru) includes 13 language versions (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Macedonian) and two regional (Asia and India) editions. RBTH’s online resources include special sections on the websites of our key partner newspapers, a mobile version of our website and an English-language iPad app.

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