Russian response to Magnitsky bill to target Americans involved in "torture and killings of children"

The bill drawn up by the State Duma in response to the adoption of the Magnistky Act in the United States envisages sanctions on U.S. citizens who are involved in the torture and killings of children adopted from Russia, Vedomosti reported.

Two United Russia activists close to the State Duma administration said the State Duma council will discuss the adoption of a statement on the inadmissibility of the U.S. actions and the submission of a bill on sanctions for U.S. citizens on the territory of Russia on Monday.

"The document envisions an entry ban on Americans who have committed crimes against Russian citizens and those U.S. officials whose actions or lack thereof helped them evade responsibility. It specifies the liability for people who have kidnapped Russian citizens or held them in captivity. The document will envisage the seizure of property and accounts of persons who violate the rights of Russian citizens on the territory of Russia and ban deals and investments with them," the publication says.

One of the authors of the bill said the document will mainly affect Americans involved in the torture and killings of children adopted from Russia.

The author of the bill believes the "children's issue" will make it possible to put more people on the list (judges, lawyers, prosecutors, U.S. child protective service officials, diplomats, and NGOs working in the sphere of adoptions).

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