Number of patriotic Russians dips by 8% in four years - poll

The majority of Russians declare their patriotic feelings, but their number is on the decline, the Russian Public Opinion Study Center (VTsIOM) told Interfax. The poll was done in 138 towns and cities in 46 regions.

Some 88 percent of Russians identified themselves as patriots in 2008; the number fell to 84 percent in 2010 and 80 percent in 2012, the center said.

Seventeen percent of contemporary respondents are not patriotic. The indicator stood at 10 percent two years ago and 8 percent four years ago.

Russians define genuine patriotism as respect for traditions (48 percent) and family values (46 percent, the indicator was 50% in 2010). Twenty-six percent say that patriotism means diligent work (37 percent in 2010) and vote for patriotic parties and politicians (14 percent vs. 17 percent in 2010). More people define patriotism as celebration of historic events (13 percent in 2010 and 19 percent now) and discussion of patriotic subjects (6 to 13 percent).

Respondents were asked the question "Who are you?" Fifty-five percent said they were citizens of Russia (58 percent in 2010), 30 percent said they were just people and 19 percent identified their nationality. The number of people identifying themselves with a particular region and a family role declined (from 23 to 18 percent over the past four years and from 17 to 11 percent over the past two years correspondingly). Fourteen percent insist they are Soviet people. Seven percent identified themselves by profession and 4 percent by religion.

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