Gudkov suggests opposition hold Freedom rock concert in February

Russian politician Gennady Gudkov will make a suggestion to the Coordinating Opposition Council to hold the next massive action in January-February.

"I think a massive action should be held in January-February. In February a Freedom rock concert could be held using one of the biggest venues and involving musicians and politicians," he said to Interfax on Sunday.

Asked whether cold weather could hinder the new massive action Gudkov said: "Yesterday the frost did not stop us. It did not stop us on Feb. 4 when the most massive action was conducted. I don't think it will stop us now."

He said he would suggest forming a commission for cooperation with political parties, public organizations and civil society leaders.

Meanwhile, Left Front leader Sergei Udaltsov finds it possible to hold a new massive action next spring and before that limited actions and pickets, for instance, in support of political prisoners.

Another council member Lyubov Sobol thinks that massive actions should be held only when the public feels a need for them. In her opinion, presently the public is tired of massive actions.

"Actions must be planned more thoroughly," she said. "Yesterday's action was poorly planned. If such actions are held regularly we will return to the Triumfalnaya Square situation and only dozens of participants will remain."

In Moscow's Triumfalnaya Square a handful of supporters of Eduard Limonov have been hopelessly trying to hold a public action every month having 31 days in support of the freedom of assembly.

There was an unauthorized opposition action in Moscow's Lubyanskaya Square on Saturday which involved 500 to 2,000 people. The police detained about 40. Earlier the opposition planned a procession called Freedom March but failed to agree on its route with the city authorities.

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