Russia shouldn't count on Western assistance in developing breakthrough technologies - Rogozin

Russia cannot rely on the assistance of Western countries in adopting breakthrough technologies and should rely only on itself in this sphere, Vice Premier Dmitry Rogozin believes.

"Nobody abroad is interested in Russia's strengthening. This means that we will never see our Western partners truly sharing breakthrough technologies in the military sphere or real industrial assistance. Consequently, Russia must take care of itself," says his message to the winners of the national prize in military-technical cooperation, Golden Idea.

At the Saturday award ceremony, Rogozin's message was delivered by the deputy chairman of the Russian Government's Military-Industrial Commission Oleg Bochkaryov.

"Russia is a great power. Only strong countries are respected in this world. For Russia to take its place we must be strong, primarily in the economic and military senses," the message says.

According to Rogozin, in some spheres the Russian defense industry is "a step or half a step" behind its Western competitors.

"Let's prove by deeds that the domestic defense industry, and its advanced representatives are capable of guaranteeing the development and production of the latest arms complexes and systems surpassing Western analogs," Rogozin said.

In his opinion, "in these conditions the golden ideas of Russian defense industry workers, their ability to introduce these ideas in production processes, in end products are needed as ever."

"All this will guarantee the realization of the idea of transition to an innovative model of the economy," Rogozin stressed.

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