Opposition to hold one-man pickets around State Duma to protest anti-Magnitsky bill

Opposition activists will hold one-man pickets near the State Duma edifice on Wednesday morning to protest the Russian bill retaliating against the Magnitsky Act. The second reading of the Dima Yakovlev Bill is scheduled for that day, says a report published on the opposition's social network pages.

The pickets will take place on the State Duma perimeter at the time deputies report for work. "Let them look into the eyes of those who feel ashamed of them before they endorse their outrageous law," the report said.

The parliament will decide which amendments to the bill will be accepted.

The State Duma Constitutional Legislation and State Development Committee recommended to the house on Monday to have the second reading of the anti-Magnitsky Act on December 19. It supported the amendments banning adoptions of Russian children by U.S. citizens.

Parliament sources told Interfax that the State Duma was also ready to support the amendment, which would make the bill valid for citizens of both the U.S. and other countries violating rights of Russians.

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