State Duma reacts to U.S. neglect of crimes against Russian children - Putin

The ban on U.S. adoptions of Russian children endorsed by the State Duma is, first of all, a response to the U.S. failure to punish individuals who commit crimes against adopted Russian children, President Vladimir Putin told a grand press conference on Thursday.

"The State Duma has offered a reaction to the position of the U.S. authorities: The U.S. judiciary regularly does not react to crimes against adopted Russian children and exempts the persons who commit such crimes from punishment," Putin said in commenting on the State Duma's approval of the anti-Magnitsky bill in the second reading.

"Besides, Russian representatives are barred from such trials even as observers," he said.

Russia and the United States have recently signed an agreement on "what and how Russian representatives can do in conflict situations. It appeared that U.S. laws placed the issue at the discretion of states and our representatives were told to deal with states instead of the federal authorities," he said.

States argue "they have no such agreements and refer us to the Department of State", Putin said.

"This is not a question of concrete U.S. citizens who adopt our children. Tragedies happen, and we know that. But the overwhelming majority of people who adopt our children are absolutely adequate; they are kind and decent people," he remarked.

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