EU anti-trust inquiry of Gazprom should not hurt cooperation - Kremlin

Moscow calls on the European Union at Russia-EU summit to follow the norms of international law as the European Commission continues investigating Russian energy giant Gazprom for possible anti-competitive practices, Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said. He added that the event's agenda includes a number of unresolved issues.

"In addition to the Third Energy Package, which could be applied retroactively, Brussels plans to build the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline ignoring the international law and environmental protection aspects of this matter, it is the European Commission's anti-trust investigation of Gazprom," he said.

The European Commission officially announced its investigation of alleged anti-competitive market practices by Gazprom at the beginning of September. The announcement was made a year after searches were carried out at the offices of Gazprom's customers and associated companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

"In this context, the Russian side will once again call on partners to obey international law and display wisdom in general in order not to hurt time-tested energy cooperation," Ushakov said.

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