Opposition activist Razvozzhayev's family, lawyer unaware of his whereabouts

A defense attorney for opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhayev, who was recently arrested and has reportedly been escorted to the Irkutsk region to undergo investigative procedures under an armed robbery case, knows nothing about his current whereabouts.

"Neither the relatives, nor human rights activists, nor lawyers have still been told officially where Razvozzhayev had been convoyed on Dec. 18. We presume he is in Irkutsk, but there is no precise information," Razvozzhayev's lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky told Interfax on Saturday.

Agranovsky said he prepared to travel to Irkutsk to provide advice to Razvozzhayev.

"We have people in Irkutsk, but I am actually prepared to fly there if need be," he said.

Agranovsky believes Razvozzhayev's transportation to Irkutsk was unlawful.

"First, the statute of limitations has expired, and a ruling had been issued that Razvozzhayev had no relation to this. Second, they transported him without even previously finding out his opinion about the indictment," he said.

It was reported on Friday that Razvozzhayev's defense team had forwarded complaints to Investigative Committee chief Alexander Bastrykin and Human Rights Commissioner Vladimir Lukin.

Razvozzhayev has been indicted under a criminal case based on the documentary "Anatomy of Protest-2" shown on NTV television, which suggested that Razvozzhayev and some other opposition activists had been planning to incite mass disturbances in Russia.

On Nov. 21, Razvozzhayev was also charged with robbery, which supposedly had taken place in Angarsk 15 years ago, although an investigation into it was not completed at the time.

The two criminal cases dealing with robbery and preparations for mass disturbances against Razvozzhayev were combined into one on Nov. 29.

An investigator said at a session at Moscow's Basmanny Court on Dec. 12 that Razvozzhayev would be convoyed to Angarsk to undergo investigative procedures on the robbery case.

Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said on Dec. 4 that the committee had opened another criminal case against Razvozzhayev, this time around on charges of illegal border crossing.

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