Nationalists try to slander anti-fascist law author Spigel - World without Nazism

The International Human Rights Movement World without Nazism says nationalists want to slander its leader, Federation Council member Boris Spigel.

"An unprecedented slander campaign against Spigel has recently started in the media," the organization said in a statement published on Tuesday.

"We are aware that this campaign has been ordered by notorious nationalist groups from Eastern Europe and is being carried on by little known Russian bloggers and newly-minted "politicians" of the nationalist kind. They are disseminating deliberate false information and publish fakes on various nationalist-flavored websites," says the statement obtained by Interfax.

According to the statement, the opponents of Spigel were angry with the Strasbourg session of the organization's general assembly, "which made the first-ever detailed analysis of the causes of revival of Nazism and mapped out plans of fighting this shameful phenomenon of the contemporary world."

"That disturbed the authors of the campaign for discrediting leaders of the international anti-fascist movement and, personally, [Boris} Spigel, whom they are trying to remove from the political scene. The attack on Spigel is the attack on all activists of the international anti-fascist movement from more than 30 countries," the statement said.

It recalled that Spigel initiated the draft law "On Impermissibility of Rehabilitation of Nazism and Heroization of Nazi Criminals and their Abettors".

"Spigel and his colleagues in the Federation Council will soon submit the draft to the Russian parliament," the statement said.

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