Moscow children's ombudsman concerned about orphanhood being turned into political issue

Moscow children's rights commissioner Yevgeny Bunimovich believes that the hasty adoption of the Dima Yakovlev law leads to unnecessary and dangerous politicking in relation to childhood issues.

"Such a serious matter as children's rights, especially the rights of their most vulnerable category of orphans, questions of adoption cannot be resolved with a hasty amendment to a clearly politicized law dealing with absolutely different matters. Here transitory political issues enter a sphere that should be closed to it," Bunimovich told Interfax on Sunday.

He said that he finds the situation alarming. "Such issues should be resolved differently," he said.

He took part in the Sunday protest procession in Moscow as a public observer.

"As the Moscow commissioner for children's rights, when large-scale actions are held, especially those related to matters which directly belong to the sphere of my competence, I take part in them as a public observer. I also took part in today's procession along the Boulevard Ring and talked to many participants," he said.

He said there were many participants but the procession was calm, "without any frenzy or hysteria."

"There were different people, quite reasonable. I agreed with some, disagreed with others," the ombudsman said.

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