Autumn concerts: From Deep Purple to Suzanne Vega

The legendary group Deep Purple will perform at one of the largest concert venues, the Olympic stadium on November 6. Source: Reuters/Vostock Photo

The legendary group Deep Purple will perform at one of the largest concert venues, the Olympic stadium on November 6. Source: Reuters/Vostock Photo

Russia is entering a new musical season as the concert scene that lay dormant for the summer gradually reawakens.

Veterans of Western rock continue to successfully perform around the country. Fans ranging in the 40 to 60 age bracket happily go see the idols of their youth, while the aging musicians earn respectable sums that people in their native countries long ago stopped paying for their shows.

On October 8, the renowned British group Uriah Heep will take the stage at Crocus City Hall. They were the first major Western group to come to the USSR after the collapse of the Iron Curtain. At the time, the group did not fill venues at home that held more than 1,000 people, but in Moscow in 1987 more than 185,000 people turned out to see them in the course of 10 days. Guitarist Mick Box is the only original band member who remains, but this will not be a deterrent for people who will want to hear pieces from the set list of the “Sweet Freedom” anniversary tour.

On October 22‒23, the Scorpions will play at the Crocus. These musicians who in 1988 found themselves in the right place at the right time on the wave of perestroika became friendly with Mikhail Gorbachev, the first president of the USSR, and wrote “Winds of Change.” Although the Scorpions have since lost their relevance in the world, they can always count on stable earnings in Russia. Two years ago, after embarking on a tour that was supposed to be their last, the group saw the reaction of the Russian fans and opted to put off their retirement. Along with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, these hard rock stalwarts will play their old songs as well as covers of songs by the Small Faces, the Rolling Stones and even Marc Almond.

On November 6, the legendary group Deep Purple will perform at one of the largest concert venues, the Olympic stadium. Russia has a particular relationship with Deep Purple. The fact that Deep Purple has become a frequent visitor to Russia is due in no small part to former Russian president and current prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, who has said on numerous occasions that DP is his favourite band. DP's Moscow performance is a stop on its tour for the release of its new album, “Now What?”

The English group the Subways is hitting the Arena Moscow club on November 15. It is one of the most fast-moving and energetic contemporary indie groups, successfully merging the energy of early “garage” and a punk aesthetic.

On October 16, Joe Bonamassa, one of the most interesting musicians today, will perform contemporary blues. His music contains echoes of genre heavyweights Jimi Hendrix and Cream, but the utter unpredictability of his playing style makes him unique. His creative partner, singer Beth Hart, recently performed in Moscow, and Bonamassa's concerts can be called the logical continuation of an acquaintance with the new blues.

Without a doubt, the major event of the fall concert season is the visit by the singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega (October 18). “Luka,” which is probably her most famous song, became popular even before MTV debuted in Russia thanks to the remix by DNA. After the video for this song appeared on Super Channel, the first Western channel to broadcast in Russia, many people became interested in the original version of the song and discovered for themselves the work of this highly distinguished and accomplished singer. Vega has not released a new album in five years, instead working on compilations of her best work and singles, but just as many people still want to hear her.

Other well-known artists are scheduled to perform in Russia this fall, including the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Orbital, the Brand New Heavies, Freak Power, These New Partisans, Warpaint, the Tiger Lilies, Poni Hoax and Travis.

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