A jewelry designer: From social media to Mercedes Fashion Week

Rushev: 'When people look at my jewelry, they do not understand how it was made.' Source: Roman Mitchenko

Rushev: 'When people look at my jewelry, they do not understand how it was made.' Source: Roman Mitchenko

Georgy Rushev, the talented young man from Yekaterinburg, is a great example of the new generation: instead of getting a college degree, he works hard and displays his collections on social media sites. This year he moved to Moscow and presented his jewelry collection, and soon he is leaving to conquer Europe.

Georgy Rushev, 24, is a young jewelry designer from Ekaterinburg, who has made a name for himself in a relatively short period of time. Among his clients are style icons Evelina Hromchenko and Miroslava Duma.  

What are you currently working on?

I am preparing a special collection to exhibit at the MiNext trade show inMilan, which will be visited by 40,000 buyers from around the world.


Georgy Rushev: 'My motto is that first you choose the necklace, then find an outfit to match.' Source: Igor Usenkp

This is my first attempt to enter the international market. The collection is completely in line with current retail trends and was created using modern technologies. However, the hues, refined stones, and presentation will not be standard, but more aggressive.

The inspiration for this collection was Jan Svankmajer's exhibition at theGarage Center for Contemporary Art. I find inspiration in art, as well as books on history and mythology.

Soon I will start to do a collection of masks. It will be a series of 12 items, each of which will represent a different religion.

What is unique about your brand, what separates it from all the others?

When people look at my jewelry, they do not understand how it was made. Each bead is sewn on by hand very tightly. For some items we use elements of the periodic table and cover them with a petrol film. 

Do you follow modern trends when you create something new?

I monitor the market, look at the collections of foreign colleagues. But my main goal is to amaze people. The concept of my brand is to accentuate contrasts. However I am not bucking any trends.

I keep up with the times, but I'm not trying to make a universal necklace that can be worn with any outfit. Often my jewelry is quite approachable, but with an unusual twist.

How would you describe a woman who wears jewelry by GeorgyRushev?

She is modern and doesn't see any limitations. She is a wealthy, sophisticated woman.

When did you know that you wanted to become a designer?

People don't become designers; they are born designers. When the other kids were asking for cars and play guns, I asked for embroidery kits.

Then I went to college to study public relations and communications, but after I founded my brand and started gaining clients, I dropped out of school.

I believe that the best school is life and practice. The most important thing is to have an idea that you are passionate about. If you put your whole heart and soul into what you do, you will be successful.

I never studied design and I believe that our education system crams things down students' throats. Fashion is what is happening here and now.

We live in a digital era where trends are changing rapidly, and to keep up with them, we have to soak up everything that's going on like a sponge.

We have to take advantage of all the opportunities offered today. I never wanted to organize a show of my collection; I believe shows are unreasonably expensive.

Source: Igor Usenko

Instead, I created my first collection and began to promote it through social networks. Believe me, if you are talented, you will get noticed! 

Are all of your collections unique? Will you have to mass produce your jewelry when orders from stores begin to rise?

I do five to 10 mini-collections per season. I create something unique for every store that sells my product, a separate line. And at the request of loyal customers, I can create a necklace especially for a certain type and shape of face, or color of clothing.

My motto is that first you choose the necklace, then find an outfit to match. Accessories do not just compliment an outfit, they create an image!

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