Five cultural events for the week of Dec. 2-8

The Daily Telegraph listed The Russian Ball as one of the top Russian Cultural events in the UK coming up this year. Source: Sutterstock

The Daily Telegraph listed The Russian Ball as one of the top Russian Cultural events in the UK coming up this year. Source: Sutterstock

A Russian Ball in London, a Bryan Ferry concert in the Kremlin, a Malevich exhibition and other events.

December 2nd(Monday)

A ''Russian Ball'' will be held in honour of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper included the London ball in the list of the most significant Russian events of the year. The Royal British Orchestra will perform, while prima ballerina Yevgenia Obraztsova and soloist Denis Medvedev from the Bolshoi Ballet will dance an adagio from Giselle.

Some 1200 people will participate – celebrities, politicians and high-profile figures from the world of art, culture and business are among the personalities invited to attend.

The organizers plan to revive the spirit, splendour and sophistication of the famous imperial balls abroad, while marrying the initiative with an honorable cause: the funds collected will be donated to the "Life Line" charity fund. The initiative is backed by the Russian Embassy and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Tickets cost from 490 to 10,000 pounds.

December 3rd (Tuesday)

British star Вryan Ferry

British star Вryan Ferry is due to give a concert on the premises of the building housing Russia’s highest authority, the State Kremlin Palace.

A ladies’ man, an aesthete and an immaculately dressed seducer with a velvety voice, Ferry started out his career playing offbeat music as the singer of art rock band Roxy Music. He then decided to focus on his solo career and started producing commercial retro-pop hits, romantic smash hits, all in a selection about love.

Back To Black - Bryan Ferry (Live In Zermatt). Source: YouTube

In Russia, as it often happens, Ferry has an especially big following among women. As part of his 2013 tour, he will be in Russia performing with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra. He recently recorded a successful instrumental album, The Jazz Age (2012), with the same musicians.

December 3rd (Tuesday).

The “Russia in VOGUE” exhibition

The Vogue exhibition runs until Jan. 24. Source: Press Photo

The “Russia in VOGUE” exhibition, running until January 24, opens at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow.

The exhibition celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Russian edition of the famous fashion magazine with a display of photographs from its international editions. Among them, portraits of Ida Rubinstein, Gala Dali, Joseph Brodsky, Vladimir Nabokov, Marc Chagall and other iconic figures.

Photo-reportages from the USSR, sessions with Russian super-models and pictures of Russian photographers who collaborated with Vogue's international editions will be also featured during the event.

December 3rd (Tuesday)

The Moscow tour of the famous Georgian Puppet Show of Rezo Gabriadze

Georgian Puppet Show. Source: ITAR-TASS

The Moscow tour of the famous Georgian Puppet Show of Rezo Gabriadze begins at the “Udarnik” cinema. The Tbilisi-based company will bring three performances to Moscow: "Autumn of My Youth," "Stalingrad" and "Ramona," a love story between two steam engines.

While relying on a format traditionally reserved to a young public, Gabriadze's performances are meant for adults. In ''Stalingrad'' the battle of Stalingrad is shown from the perspective of an ant colony.

The ant-mother laments how many ants perished in the battle. Even though all three productions have already become classics in the genre, Gabriadze continues rewriting the texts, making new puppets and coming up with new moves.

Each one of his performances is a surprise, a miracle, a moment of truth. The performances in Moscow are just the beginning of the tour. The company will then head to St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Rostov, Samara and Novosibirsk.

December 5th (Thursday)

The exhibition ''Kazimir Malevich: before and after the Square''

Kazimir Malevich. The Red Cavalry Riding. Source: Press Photo

The exhibition ''Kazimir Malevich: before and after the Square'' will open at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Around one hundred of Malevich's works from various periods, dating before and after the creation of The Black Square, will be on display: paintings, graphic art, scenery sketches and costumes. The legacy of this artist is rich, diverse and not limited to the legendary black figure - and this exhibition promises to do it justice.

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