Top 5 Russian jewellery brands

The value of jewellery is determined by the prestige of the jewellery house - its history and traditions, patronage of the Hollywood stars and the mighty ones. Young Russian brands have no such advantage, they have to win glory and carve a niche with their novelty and craftsmanship. RIR has picked 5 Russian jewelers capable of gaining international recognition.

Axenoff Jewellery

Source: Axenoff Jewellery

Petr Aksenov is hard to pin down. A designer with a theological education, he made his debut as a painter, who never got acclaim from the critics, but became a favourite of the Moscow clique. Several years ago, he found his vocation in jewellery making and did just right - his new creations lit up glossy magazines and created a flutter among it-girls. The signature feature of the brand is historicism, ie Russian jewellery tradition of XVI-XIX centuries and the symbols of culture: the luxury of the tsar's chambers and of the icons' casings, the murals of the Faceted Chamber, the folklore, the opera, the ballet and the paintings. The earrings, the rings, the brooches, the necklaces and the tiaras can be realised in not excessively expensive versions (silver with semi-precious stones) as well as with expensive materials - platinum, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.


Source: Alchemia

Alchemia is a young brand from Moscow created by a family couple of Moscow Architectural Institute graduates, Igor Komov and Ekaterina Lemm. According to them, the idea to switch to jewellery came out of boredom and an overabundance of creative energy. They transferred the basic laws of harmony and structure onto jewellery and blended modern technology, latest design trends and symbols in different cultures. The distinctive features of the brand are blunt shapes of gold and silver pieces, patina, blackening, enamels, the naturalness of rough stones. Each piece is hand-made, so Alchemy hasn't got, for instance, two identical rings.

Markin Fine Jewellery

Source: Markin Fine Jewellery

Vladimir Markin is a Moscow jeweller with a distinguished personal style - his jewellery pieces are not like any other. For a long time he worked in big Russian jewellery houses, but four years ago he founded his own business, seeking to achieve maximum creative freedom and to realise the most daring dreams. His laboratory in Moscow is the place where Bespoke Jewellery is being created: anyone can participate in the creative process together with the master and create a unique piece of jewellery. In 2014, the team opened a shop in the trendy Soho district in Hong Kong. Markin's mechanical creations are at the meeting point of engineering, physics and industrial architecture, but do not lack irony and are created with respect to all canons of working with precious metals and stones.


Source: Gourji

Gourji is one of the first attempts to create (in 2007) a premium jewellery and accessory brand in modern Russia. As conceived by its founder, businessman Dmitry Gurzhiy the brand reinvents the Eurasian cultural and historical context which Russia - a melting pot of hundreds of cultures - lives in. The philosophy and the style of Gourji are inextricably linked to the Russian history. In addition to jewellery, the brand is also known for cufflinks, pens, shawls and scarves collections for upscale clients. All the accessories of the brand refer to various historical periods, religions and cultures of Russia.

Yana Raskovalova

Source: Yana Raskovalova

Yana Raskovalova has travelled a long way: from a model, a businessman's wife and a Russian it-girl, she became the head of a jewellery house. Having the fortune to gaze at the jewelry brands' masterpieces not through the shop windows, but in her own jewellery box, Yana got herself a hobby: to hunt for antique cameos all over the world and to decorate them with jewels at her own taste. Thanks to the financial support of Yana's husband VadimRaskovalov, the passion turned into a big business: the jewellery is now sold in Podium Jewellery chain, in Paris, Monte Carlo, Courchevel and Dubai. Acejeweller's socialites-girlfriends, from fashion designer UlyanaSergeenko to Russian #1 model Natalia Vodianova, have now become the brand messengers.

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