Can you solve this Soviet puzzle?

Check your powers of lateral thinking with this puzzle used for preparing intelligence officers in the USSR.

RBTH offers you the chance to check your powers of observation and thinking with this Soviet puzzle. You will need to look at the picture and answer a few questions about it.

There were even times when students entered university without standard exam results if they were able to solve such puzzles.

Source: Russian Education MinistrySource: Soviet Education Ministry

1. How long have these people been going camping?

2. Do they know much about housekeeping?

3. Is the river navigable?

4. How long will it take for the laundry to dry?

5. Will the sunflower grow much more?

6. How far is the campsite from city?

7. Which town is the plane flying to?


To see the answers, highlight the text below

1. Obviously recently: Experienced campers would not pitch a tent in a gully.

2. In all likelihood, not much: the fish head is not clean, the thread used to sew the button is too long and somebody is sitting on the stump where firewood should be cut.

3. Navigable. This is shown by the navigation mast standing on the bank.

4. Not long, there is clearly wind.

5. The sunflower is obviously dead and stuck in the ground. As the head was not facing the sun it will not grow.

6. No further than 100 km. If it was further than the television antenna would be a more complex design.

7. Nowhere; the plane is doing agricultural work.


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