How different countries see Russia

Foreign tourists taking pictures at Moscow's Kolomenskoye museum-reserve.

Foreign tourists taking pictures at Moscow's Kolomenskoye museum-reserve.

Alexander Shcherbak/TASS
Bears and astronauts, oligarchs and soldiers, the Caucasus and the Pacific — Russian and foreign commercials illustrate contrasting perceptions of Russia.

Video by FeelRussia / YouTube

Li Fen, a Chinese girl, travels from Moscow to Kamchatka - 7000 kilometers - in less than three minutes.

Video by funny commercials / YouTube

Some foreigners see Russians as money-hungry oligarchs that speak extremely bad English…

Video by DS Filin / YouTube

Others see Russians as pioneers, athletes or musicians. Apparently, everyone has their own story of who Russians are.

Video by BBC / YouTube

This BBC commercial is a bit darker. The familiar voice of Tywin Lannister from the TV show “Game of Thrones” elucidates the hardships of the Russian winter - even for Olympic athletes.

Video by PLACE Magazine/Vimeo

This video is a part of the German skateboarding project, Place. While it might not be possible to skateboard across all of Russia, it’s definitely worth a try.

Video by Desillusion/Vimeo

For some Russia is a deserted land of wild beauty.

Video by triggerhappyproductions/Vimeo

While for others Russia rushes forward at a turbocharged speed.

Video by

This video of the Northern Caucasus by the Kovcheg project illuminates why it’s important to protect the environment.

Video by Russia Hockey / YouTube

A video of the Russian national hockey team calls to mind several infamous national stereotypes: a bear, a balalaika and a popular folk dance called the kozachok.

Video by / YouTube

Speaking of bears, while you probably won’t see one on a Russian street, you might find one in a museum.

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